This meeting shares the goals of the Tbilisi conference with the same title, held in July 2003, as well as those of the Patras conference on many-valued logics and residuated structures, held in June 2004.

In recent years the interest in non-classical logics has been growing. Motivations from computer science, natural language reasoning and linguistics have played a significant role in this development. The semantic study of non-classical logics is a field where no single overarching paradigm has been established, and where a variety of techniques are currently being explored. An important goal of this meeting is to promote the cross-fertilization between the fundamental ideas connected with these approaches. Thus, we aim to bring together researchers from various fields of non-classical logics and applications, as well as from lattice theory, universal algebra, category theory and general topology, in order to foster collaboration and further research.

The scientific programme of the congress will include a few invited lectures and will provide ample time for contributed talks and interaction between participants. Researchers whose interests fit the general aims of the conference are encouraged to participate. The featured areas include, but are not limited to, the following (in alphabetical order):

- Algebraic logic
- Coalgebraic semantics
- Categorical semantics in general
- Dynamic logic and dynamic algebras
- Fuzzy and many-valued logics
- Lattices with operators
- Modal logics
- Ordered topological spaces
- Ordered algebraic structures
- Residuated structures
- Substructural logics
- Topological semantics of modal logic